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Commercial Finance Broking for Business Owners

A large majority of commercial clients require ongoing advice and support. This is because a finance structure needs to be as dynamic and flexible as the SME that it is structured to support. HT Capital has strong relationships and is commercially accredited to place businesses with all four Australian major banks as well as over 20 other 2nd tier financiers, private funders and peer-to-peer lenders. Given their staff experience, HT Capital also has access to a number of private and peer to peer lenders for appropriate SME and emerging corporate clients.

Commercial broking products can include:

  • Residential and Commercial property purchase, development and investment facilities
  • SME Working Capital Facilities – Overdrafts, Invoice Finance, Trade Finance, Stock Finance
  • Business Term Debt Facilities – Owner Occupied Commercial Property Acquisition, Business Acquisition, Core Working Capital, Shareholder Equity Withdrawal, Succession Funding
  • Asset Finance Facilities – Vehicles, Machinery, IT, Fit Out, Aircraft
  • Specialised Industry Lending – Accounting, Financial Planning, Legal, Real Estate, General Insurance and Mortgage Broking Industries

Residential Finance Broking

HT Capital believes that the ongoing success of a commercial venture is dependent on the financial strength of the individuals behind it. As such, HT Capital offers a higher quality of personal finance advice and broking services to assist with the personal investment aspirations of our clients. HT Capital also cater to the specific needs of the owners, employees and investors of commercial clients.

These broking services include residentially secured Owner Occupied and Investment home loan facilities as well as more complex structuring of credit facilities to help clients achieve their long term wealth aspirations. HT Capital is accredited with all four Australian major banks as well as over 20 other 2nd tier and private residential financiers.

Our residential broking team have a passion for property investment built through 1st hand personal experience in residential property investment and development across all states and territories of Australia. The residential finance team work closely with the HT Capital commercial finance team as well as the clients external advisors to ensure a unified strategy to support individual cash flow position and overall wealth creation strategies.

Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate Hedging Services

Many SMEs have an exposure to fluctuations in foreign exchange and interest rate markets. HT Capital will work with a client to initially identify these risks and ensure a finance solution is structured to allow for potential mitigation through access to appropriate hedging facilities offered by a range of financial institutions.

Working Capital and Trade Cycle Analysis

Outside of traditional broking services, HT Capital also provides consulting services that can assist with an SMEs owners to define the cash flow impact of their existing and projected trade cycle. This is a powerful report which can assist in understanding and mitigating cash shortages despite ongoing growth in sales and profitability. Reports typically differ in complexity from industry to industry however generally provide the most impact for wholesalers, importers, manufacturers, exporters and primary production clients.

Transaction Banking and Merchant Advice

With rapid changes in merchant technology, trading business need to stay abreast of all offerings in the market to ensure they remain relevant with their clients and promote seamless collection of debtors. HT Capital have access to specialised consultants that conduct detailed reviews of existing merchant operations and recommend improvements often resulting in increased electronic trade and a reduction in merchant costs.

“Once Off” Finance Tendering and Broking Service

Many clients, including lowly geared commercial & residential property investors, businesses entrenched in the mature stage of their financial lifecycle, and family groups embarking on asset sales and debt retirement, are not likely to require ongoing finance broking services. As such, HT Capital has developed a “once off” finance tendering service which is designed to negotiate and broker a finance structure to achieve the most competitive terms, rates and conditions from the end financier. This process involves compiling and issuing a detailed tender document in a format designed to engage competition amongst a panel of chosen high quality lenders.

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